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I received this article in my inbox at the outset of the Tiger Woods mess… I immediately dismissed it as a far fetched fairy tale of conspiracy theorists and crackpots… but upon reading it a second time -and this some weeks after the story of Woods’ infidelities- I read it again just to critically analyze the article’s claims….

I’m not sure about all this, but I will say that being a part of a talk radio show known as Front Page over the years, I have met and talked to a number of scholars and well informed people who have long warned of a CIA-instigated race war…  read the article for yourself. I’ve inserted it here, but I must give credit to the originating website  Here there are supporting links with curious, yet interesting info…) Read…. comment… think….

To review, the CIA thinks Tiger is revered by the black population to the degree that his downfall would demoralize us and maybe just maybe we would take to the streets for war…., On a certain level ain’t nobody checkin’ for Tiger!!!

Tiger Woods ‘Takedown’ Reported Ordered By CIA

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

 An interesting FSB report circulating in the Kremlin today states that the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is behind an unrelenting media assault upon US golf legend Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods [photo top left with his Swedish model wife Elin Nordegren] and had ordered his ‘takedown’ in an effort to greater fuel their efforts to ignite a race war these forces believe is needed in order to socially re-engineer the United States as it nears total economic collapse.

The startling revelations in this report are reported by the FSB to have been released to Russian Glavnoye Razvedyvatel’noye Upravleniye (GRU) agents posted at the Russian Embassy in Washington D.C. this past week by an “associate” of the head of the American private military force known as Blackwater (now known as Xe Services LLC), Erik Prince, who had just been “outed” by the CIA as being one of their main operatives involved in a covert plot to assassinate enemies of the United States. 

So angry was Prince over his outing by the CIA, that aside from releasing previously secret CIA intelligence to the GRU he blasted the American spy agency by publically stating to the US magazine Vanity Fair, “I put myself and my company at the CIA’s disposal for some very risky missions, but when it became politically expedient to do so, someone threw me under the bus.”

To the reason behind the CIA’s targeting of Tiger Woods, this report continues, is the ‘deliberate demoralization’ of Americas black raced population by the destruction of one of their most esteemed idols by the racially stereotyped depiction of him as an ‘out of control’ and ‘oversexed’ negro man unable to assimilate among whites.

Even worse, this report further states that the ‘main target’ behind the media destruction of Woods is President Obama, whom the CIA has calculated will suffer increasing alienation from his Nations white population (who number 75% of the American population compared to a black population of just 12.4%) by his being compared with Woods as both Obama and Woods are viewed as the two most popular of all black American peoples and reinforcing white Americans belief that ‘black men just can’t control themselves’.

New reports from the United States are showing that these CIA actions against Obama are indeed working as a just released Gallup Poll finds his approval rating falling below 50% among all Americans for the first time of his Presidency, and among white people alone falling to the chilling low level of just 39%.

To the disdain held by the CIA against Obama we can see evidenced by a report from a former member of the CIA’s Directorate of Operations named Kent Clizbe who states in an article titled “CIA Counterterrorism Expert: Obama and Holder ‘At War’ with Agency” that  the “Holder/Obama Global War on the CIA has only just begun.”

Not being understood by the American people, however, is that Obama’s war against the CIA is deemed vital to the survival of the black peoples of America who have been under an unrelenting assault by this spy agency for over 40 years and who have pumped literally hundreds of Trillions of dollars worth of drugs into America’s black communities (and reaping Trillions in profits) from their vast narcotics networks of cocaine from Colombia and opium from Afghanistan.

To the horrific destruction of American black peoples by the CIA it should be noted that the courageous investigative reporter Gary Webb first brought the insidiousness of this spy agencies actions in a 20,000 word, three-part investigative series titled “Dark Alliance” written for his then publisher San Jose Mercury News, but who under pressure from the US government stopped their publication of Webb’s articles, none of which were ever reported by the ‘mainstream’ US propaganda media. On December 10, 2004, Webb was found dead with two gunshot wounds to his head, which was ruled a ‘suicide’.   

So successful has the CIA’s genocidal destruction of the black population of America been that aside from having the World’s largest number of their citizens in prisons (Land of the Free?), the black population of the US is jailed at a rate of  3,138 black males per 100,000 against 451 per 100,000 of white males and leading Human Rights Watch to warn in a 2008 report that fully 11% of the black male population of the US were behind bars, and at just 12.4% of the American population they now make up nearly 55% of all American prisoners.

It is also interesting to note in this report that the CIA backed American tabloid newspaper National Enquirer is reported to have broken the scandalous stories about Woods, and which is important in that this tabloid was one of the main targets of the US Military retaliatory strike against the CIA following the attacks on September 11, 2001, when its headquarters building in Boca Raton, Florida was infected by the deadly anthrax botulism killing a photo editor named Robert Stevens who became the first death in what is now known as the “2001 Anthrax Attacks”.

To one of the most fearful conclusions of this report it states that with Woods “destruction by scandal” nearly complete, Obama will become so weakened among American white peoples that his effectiveness to govern will be destroyed, a most grim outlook especially when viewed in the light of the Global ratings agency Moody’s Investor Service now warning that the United States credit rating is in danger of being downgraded for the first time in its history and the US government also warning that their entire economy is in danger of collapse because their citizens are saving their money instead of spending it, and in an economy based not on making things but on consuming is vitally important.

Most unfortunately for these American people in all of these events is their utter failure to remember their own history, especially the events of the dark Great Depression year of 1933 when another of their Presidents, Franklin Roosevelt, when facing off against these evilest of forces was nearly deposed by coup called “The Business Plot” led by Prescott Bush (the father of one President, the grandfather of another) and which sought to join a new Fascist led United States with that of Nazi Germany which had, likewise in 1933, saw the seizure of their government by the US backed and financed Adolph Hitler.          

To if Obama, like Roosevelt before him, will be able to withstand and survive the war being waged against him it is not in our knowing. What is in our knowing though, is that unlike Roosevelt, Obama now governs a population of Americans of whom the majority have been reduced to nothing more than idiots and imbeciles and, like the peoples of Nazi Germany before them, are totally uncaring and blinded to the mass genocide of their black population that has been happening right before them.

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I love waking up in the pre-dawn hours. The essence of being completely awake and alert in time to see the first light of God’s new day is exhilarating and empowering. Each day, I seek to detect the very moment that the sun pierces the veil of night’s darkness… The exact instance when the Sun’s ray’s explode over the horizon.

I’m not talking about that totally visible and dramatic moment of sunrise that we have seen in photographs, film and video… no… I’m talking about that short moment in time just before dawn’s explosion of light. The nano-second when the molecules of light first collide with and overtake the molecules of darkness. It is a moment that seemingly cannot be detected by video or photography. It is a moment that must be perceived and observed with your Third Eye… It is the moment just before your physical eye can behold the morning glory that is the rising sun as it illuminates the heavens and the stars which shone so brightly moments before but are now making a hasty exit 1 by 1…

” And God said, ‘Let there be light…’ ” Gen. 1;3

On most mornings, I am up meditating and excercising. 4 Am and I am outside embarking on my morning run. Usually a 7-10 mile run on most days. It is so still and quiet. The last vestiges of night’s denizens have gone in and the world seems to be completely still. Fully night. The darkest hour… I rise… I pray…. I run…. I listen. … I listen to the quiet. I am listening for God… He is there… I know it… I want to hear Him…and I want Him to hear me…At this hour there is nothing to do but be quiet and listen….. to the quiet….. listen……

And then, in a twinkling of an eye, the light comes. In that instant, I can actually hear the light colliding with the dark. I can perceive the light… it’s on but yet it is still dark… Have you ever been in a room or place where someone is taking photos with a flash, but you are not in the room or in direct view of the flash… you are just periphally conscious of the sudden burst of light. That’s what the instant of morning looks like to me… I see the light.. it’s like the flash but it does not diminish. It does not go away. It remains on… There is a discernable light all around me. But then I notice that not only is the light coming from the rising sun, there is a light emanating from my soul.

“Then Jesus again spoke to them, saying, “I am the Light of the world; he who follows Me will not walk in the darkness, but will have the Light of life.” John 8:12

When the sun’s light hits my consciousness, my inner light is energized. Like a solar battery is energized when exposed to sunlight, my inner light is energized. I am alive, recharged and powered up…ready for the new day… God has given me another day to share my light with the world for inside this light, He lives… This light is the force of God’s essence. This light is life’s energy…. for all things on the earth need sunshine. We need the light to see… We need it to share…. Light is the essential element for sight. We need to see… inside and out.

This morning light I have described is pure for it is at this moment the energy is untainted from evil thoughts, bad vibes and malicious intentions of those who dwell in the shadows. and so in the morning I run… I breathe, I open my heart and mind, my spiritual and physical consciousness to receive the pure essence of first light. The light empowers me and charges my life to do, think, act, and love… The light is the nucleus of my soul…

Now I know that most folk reading this are not up and moving about at this early hour. Most are turning over in their beds trying to capture a last hour or two of sleep. But think about it for a moment. There’s that instant in the morning when you awaken. You have been sleep all night and there is that moment when you wake up. You just open your eyes. It still dark, but nonetheless your eyes open…. You may glance at the clock, you may turn over and get even more cozy under your covers… and go back to sleep. But nonetheless you eyes opened and you did not rise to see the first instance of illumination. You went back to sleep. But the exact moment of God’s new day erasing the unconsciousness of night has not escaped you. Because after all, you heard the moment of first light in your consciousness. Yes, you heard it. Because in an instant.. in the early morning you were awakened by the voice of God from a deep sleep. Sleep so deep, that the next stage would be death. In that instant the solar batteries in your soul were charged and powered on… In that instant God turned on the light and whispered your name in your ear, telling you that another day is nigh… another day to act, think, do and love….God’s will. Get up and do something…. Yes. God called your name, you woke and opened your eyes.. but did you hop to? Did you get up to answer God’s call? or did you again close your eyes, roll over and go back to sleep????……

Some folk never see the light. It is all around them but they still cannot see… . Some folk never step out into the light…. we remain depressed, sitting in the dark… curtains drawn…. keeping God’s light out of their consciousness….. The solar battery in their soul has not been charged and needs a jumpstart. And so since they cannot get started with the light, they introduce alternative substances into the powertrain thinking that this will take the place of the light… abuse of drugs illegal and prescription..abuse of alcohol… sex addictions and perversions… other vices which seemingly replace the light inside thier soul. but in reality these things only dims the light and in the worst cases… completely extinguishes the light.

“For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. ” 2 cor. 4:6

Some folk receive the light but keep the light shuttered within thier soul. They do not allow the light to reflect as a beacon to humankind… Selfish. But the light is meant to be shared. The light is meant to be seen so that your light may be a help to all mankind. It is meant to help, guide and empower each of us through us. Love One Another…

Just think… those folk who do not see the light are fumbling around in the dark and maybe just maybe they need a little light to shine so that they can find thier way…. Your light is an essential element to other folk’s sight…. It may be in the kind words you say… the smile on your face… that encouraging word….. the most inconsequential action of lovingkindness emanating from the light you carry inside your soul could represent that initial pure light that pierces the veil of their darkness.. The solar battery of thier sou is powered on… And then the sun rises inside them… the dawn of a new day……. They can see….. no longer in darkness but inside the light because you shared your light……

” Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Matt. 5:16

Morning Glory……..

Here's aview of the damage done as Tiger wrecks his ride after fight with wife...

This week’s news is peppered with accounts, recounts, conjecture and speculation of Tiger Woods’ crash in his front yard. Somehow, he ran his escalade over a fire hydrant and into a tree. Then his wife takes one of his golf clubs and smashes his windows out – stating she dragged him out of the wreckage of the car and to safety… yeah right!!

They didn’t fool anybody as, everyone has suspected a rat and we now know that Tiger was stepping out on his woman.. he’s got chicks on the side. The cold part about it is that one of these chicks released a recording of one of Tiger’s voice mails to her imploring her to remove her name from the phone as his wife is going through his phone and will more than likely call her and confront the issue of her man….

So Tiger’s been busted and is getting humiliated. While I wish that the public and the news media will let him alone to deal with his scorned woman and allow them to try and patch up their family, I can’t help but see that the public wants to denigrate this man and put him in the same category as an OJ Simpson. We are supposed to be shocked and appalled at this behavior that Tiger is displaying.. How dare he forsake his children for the attention of some fast women which he has met in his travels…

But who made Tiger a saint? I mean the stories of his philandering are far and wide and one of his favorite past times is gambling. In fact, I read an article that described how he was being honored at a formal banquet in Las Vegas and left his mom alone on the dais with the CEOS and such who were honoring him while he chilled in the High Rollers lounge putting down hundreds of thousands of dollars in bets on his favorite gaming table. That reads of a man who enjoys the fast, sporting life, not the sedentary life of a guy who comes home every night and snuggles with his wife and plays with the kids… He is not living the Huxtables’ lifestyle.

So, Tiger is a bad boy. And has been for a long time. So who decided he was a role model?? It is an assumption we put on this man. And so when he doesn’t live up to the assumptions and qualities we put on him, we are hurt miserably. I am not making excuses for Tiger’s behavior, I’m just saying that we may be expecting too much from him when we want him to be this wholesome image of American family.

Should we care about Tiger Woods? Well, there’s certainly a lot of items to worry about in our culture that weigh more heavily on the consciousness of the masses than whether Tiger is faithful to his fam or not. So in the end,  we expect Tiger to be honest, faithful, diligent and a all around good boy. But let’s face it: He gambles…. He likes the company of beautiful women…. He probably cusses…. But we expect him to be wholesome…..because why? Because we have invented this facade for him.  He’s a jet setter with no patriarchal influence coming his way…..

Fol don’t want to even connect race with this episode, but I think if you are conscious you can suppose that some if not most, mainstream America is going to see this episode as another opportunity to point and say look, the black man is not to be trusted. He cannot remain faithful to his woman and his family. It’s funny that this would be a concern because Tiger has never even claimed to be a black man.. He’s a Calibalasian… He’s not wanted anything to do with the culture. But yet, he would be right in the back of the bus with the rest of us.

Tiger Woods is not a role model. He messed up. and now has to make some hard choices of how he wants to live his life…. Is he a player? or not.

The Politics of Race

Posted: December 3, 2009 in 1, Life, politics, Spirituality

There’s no denying that this is an interesting and challenging time to be black in America. We have elected a black man as President of the United States of America which means the conscious image of the Black make once reviled, is now the premiere representative image of America’s might and power, Her leadership and her global consciousness.

Yes, the black male image was once reviled. A dangerous, shifty, not to be trusted man who could not – no- would not work, or take care of his familial responsibilities. And yet, in an effort to stimulate much-needed change in American Society, we, the people, elected the black man to lead the way. An notable accomplishment for a nation built on a foundation of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, miscegenation and outright racial terror. We have finally come to the moment, it seems, where Dr. King’s dream that we are judged by the content of our character, not by the color of our skin…

Even still, the politics of race has been energized through massive media outlets. The political rhetoric takes on a contentious tone reminding us just what grandma and them used to tell us while encouraging higher consciousness…” You have to be three times as good as them” It seems that every move of President Barack Obama is criticized, ostracized and minimized… There have been cartoons relating the President to a chimp… The watermelon jokes and other stereotypical literature..

The dishonoring of President Barack Obama is unconscionable. That is our President, the leader of the United States of America and he is due ALL the respect that you bestow on the one who holds that office.

That said, I have to ask, do we really expect white folk to suddenly stop having this feeling of supremacy and entitlement? We can change the laws of the land, but we cannot change the hearts of the people. The mistrust of the black male image is the underlining of the style of criticism we are seeing. The image of an African American man, highly educated, steadfastly married, father to his children, role model to millions is the image that most concerns mainstream America.

We cannot expect middle America to suddenly change their negative perception of the black people. We have to use this propitious opportunity to work on it ourselves… control how our images are presented to the world. Yes, they have their perception of us and that will always be present on the global media stage, but we control who we are and what we are.

Even those of us who choose to forget the stories past, certainly the images and rhetoric we see today should awaken that consciousness that says We cannot forget from whence we came in this country… we have to remember where we are and whose we are in this country, and stand strong to represent our progress.

For God has brought us this far along the way… delivering us, educating us, strengthening us, empowering us.. We owe it to Him to lift our image to higher heights.