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By now, we’ve all heard the stories of Bishop Eddie Long…. four guys have filed suit claiming a wide range of complaints from sexual coercion to oral sodomy…


Bishop Eddie Long is one of America’s foremost black church leaders with New Birth Missionary Baptist Church ranking among the top mega-churches in the nation. More than 25,000 people are members at New Birth. His ministry is widely respected.

I learned of the scandal as I was browsing… Breaking News… The plaintiff’s attorney was holding a press conference and detailing the how’s and wherefores of the case she just filed. I was shocked! My mind went to all the rumours and criticisms I had heard about Eddie Long…. I found a copy of the actual court documents and learned the specific nature of the complaints.

Rituals? Spiritual Sons? Singled out as special from the rest of the youth? wow…. Trips, gifts, sleeping in the same bed? what in tarnation???

I wonder how the members feel about these accusations.. what do they feel? so many people have come to redemption inside this church… The thousands who have put the drugs down, the crime, the transgressions of life… all through the work of this church and under the ministry of this man…. I think you’d agree that the work of the Lord has gone forth boldly through the people of the Lord at New Birth…. how hurt they must be.

I wonder how the auxiliary leaders, laypersons, deacons and deaconesses, ushers, missionaries, Sunday school…. how do they feel? Oh yes, publicly they stand for the Bishop as evidenced by the pandemonium that took place in church on Sunday (9/26)… yes, they praise and dance in support of the Bishop… But did Bishop really put their mind at ease? Or did he ignite the ceremony of church to the degree that folk could be anesthetized to the non-statement made from the pulpit??? Did he use the mega church theatrics to divert focus from those needing something to hold on to??

I know folk want to hear something to cling to as they move forth to defend their Bishop but what do you mean, I’m not perfect?….. Sounds like you did something!

Now, this could be a fraud on many fronts….

first, the plaintiffs could be some flaky cats out for some loot. This could be a shakedown as Bishop Long’s staff has claimed. But dag, he sent photos to them!! suspect…

Or, it seems that there are forces out there who are moving to discredit the power brokers of Black America (we’ve seen accusations just this year of misdoings from black politicals, and now black clergy) I’m just sayin’… c’mon y’all know it’s possible!!! (COINTELPRO) OK, sorry, its just the conspiracy theorist in me…

Or Bishop Eddie Long has built a mega-ministry over the years but kept hidden his sexual preferences from the masses … even as he publicly campaigns against such behavior….

By and sure, we will see the truth. The truth will be revealed as the plaintiffs back down from their story, or the Bishop admits his role in these charges, or the truth will be implied – after he pays off the plaintiffs…..

But at that time, who will heal the laypersons??? how do they rectify their service in their hearts and minds… and how does the man of God come to their aid. After all, a great trust has been violated