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And now the moment we have all been waiting for. The tribute to Whitney Houston…. Mariah Carey opened the tribute with an emotional narrative of how they met and how they grew to be friends. Her sentiments set the tone for a most excellent musical set. Monica, Brandy, Whitney’s brother Ray and Chaka Khan all gave exceptional performances in tribute to our musical diva….. But when Whitney’s mom, Cissy Houston took the stage….. it was priceless.

As I listened to Cissy sing Bridge Over Troubled Water, I could not help but wonder how she feels. The long road she has traveled with Whitney. The burden of pain she has suffered with the loss of her child. And all the drama that has come with it. The masses of the people certainly felt it with her….. Cissy sang – no ministered that song to all of us…

Tears flowed… souls more than likely got saved… it was an awesome expression of a mother’s love… I looked around and photographers were in praise – eyes closed… arms stretched towards the Creator….. It was more than a song presentation, it was church… praise…. sanctified…. Cissy Houston took us to church….

I am also contemplating the song choice. Bridge over Troubled Waters is a soothing composition… and I have to wonder if  Cissy was singing to herself just as much as she was singing to us., Whatever the case, she demonstrates here.. right now… that she is a mourning mother… an evangelist…  a true gospel singer…. a national treasure….

I am so glad God gave us Whitney Houston… I am so glad God gave us Cissy Houston…. God bless her…….


Thus far, the BET Awards have been given out thus far:

Best Actor – Kevin Hart

Best Collaboration – Wale & Miguel

Best Female HipHop Artist – Nicki Minaj

Best Gospel – Yolanda Adams

Best Group – The Throne

Best Male R&B Artist – Chris Brown

Best New Artist – Big Sean

And that’s the latest….. live backstage at the BET Awards…….

Oh yeah.. I finally got a chance to eat something…. they acting kinda foul to the media…… at least in that regard….

And so D’Angelo… he is no doubt one of the most anticipated performances for tonight …. I am really impressed with his comeback performance. I have been hearing the buzz from his various performances this year. And by what I see tonite, he is definitely back. I am definitely looking forward to seeing him later this year with Mary J. Blige.

Beyonce’ just won for best Female R&B Artist…

Yolanda Adams is on the podium in the media room… she won for Best Gospel Artist… She’s talking about her foundation that honors first ladies in every category.. first ladies in business… first ladies in entertainment…. just first ladies everywhere…. she is still talking about health and wellness. Her clothing line is doing well…. She has diversified in many many areas…. She is a gospel diva and a very accomplished businesswoman….

These interludes with Kevin Hart, Faison Love and Samuel L. Jackson are hilarious…

Nicki Minaj is the honoree for the best female hiphop artist…. Just don’t really see this…. but whatever.

I have been a critic of the BET Awards over the years… and I was hoping that this year would be different…..  This Maybach Music segment was really wack. It seems that the awards would be cognizant of the vulgar nature of the artist’s repertoire and ask them to perform their radio friendly version of the music… bleeping of the music is more than unacceptable for TV…

Onstage the Maze tribute is going on…  Frankie’s voice is not the same…. but he is still a favorite of mine and obviously everyone else… I have to say that Joe, Tyrese and Faith Evans did a phenomenal job. The essence of Maze is inexplicable. They have not had a new record in a generation but they are nonetheless one of the most successful touring bands out there… They consistently sell out venues coast to coast and their musicianship is unmatched… and THAT’s why the crowd is on their feet. Come to think about it, I have never seen an awards show honor Frankie Beverly and Maze…. not even the venerable Soul Train Music Awards. This lifetime achievement award is a first! I thank BET for bestowing this honor…. They definitely deserve it.

Observation: The sound quality and entertainment value is so much better with R&B than it is with hiphop… at least with today’s hiphop groups….

ok… here we are at the BET Awards, backstage in the press room…. We just walked in from a very hot and crowded red carpet. Got a lot of interviews…. now, we are seated in a very cool and stylish media room. They really have gone out of the way to make the media room really nice…. but the security is pushing us back from the food…. 😦

Meanwhile, we saw a glimpse of Taraji P Henson, but she did not take the mic to discuss… well, anything. … she looked fabulous anyway….

One of the most anticipated appearances of the evening is Samuel L. Jackson as emcee for the evening… His opening act with Spike Lee was hiphop hilarious….

Nicki Minaj is on stage right now…. whoever agrees with Kanye West’s assessment that she is the dopest female emcee of all time is totally out of their mind…

Slaughterhouse is in the bldg… good to see young hiphop artists in suits and ties… That said, they are introducing the best collaboration honor… ironically, the songs featured all have significant samples from old school artists…. Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding…. so forth and so on….  I’ve said it so many times… today’s artists cannot make a hit without the benefit of yesterday’s soul songs…. in the end, that record Flower Bomb by Wale featuring Miguel wins the award…..


Speaking of good R&B and soul… Valerie Simpson is at the piano right now… singing a tribute of Nick Ashford… she looks great… these younguns in this media room have no idea what contributions she has made to soul music… no Valerie, no Melanie Fiona…

Miguel is now onstage taking questions. He is a talented R&B artist. Elle Varner is also on the podium. she looks great. She is really playing to the cameras. She performed live at the pre-show and she is saying that she really loved presenting to the Music Matters audience. Someone is asking about her being around some of the most important women in black music right now… Elle says she is flattered that Beyonce shook her hand…. Everyone is looking forward to the Whitney Houston Tribute…. I hope and pray that BET Awards brings it at that moment….

That was a good segment….


Today, I am seated inside the media room of the 2012 BET Awards…. Live blog….. Right now… So far… Kevin Hart has won for Best Actor for his role in Think Like a Man….. He was up against Denzel and Idris Elba… so in his aceptance speech he says he should have won because he looks better than Idris….. HILARIOUS!!!!

For Best New Artist, Big Sean takes home the honors and Best Group is none other than the Throne…. Jay-Z and Kanye West…..

I am anticipating excitement for this respected awards show because I really need to see an awards show that embraces the best of black entertainment. And so today, I see the best and brightest in our industry…. As I worked the red carpet, I asked everyone who they anticipated the most on tonight’s stage…. Frankie Beverly is receiving a lifetime achievement award and there will be a stirring tribute to Whitney Houston…. The return of D’Angelo is hugely anticipated… I will be blogging live so hopefully folk will be able to get a good look of tonite’s activity…..