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ImageI am glad that President Barack Obama has been re-elected. I mean I am elated!!! I did my part throughout the campaign. We registered more than 1800 voters through the activities of the radio station. When CNN projected that President Obama would keep the Oval Office for another four years, I was very happy. I was a street reporter for the station broadcasting live from the Savoy. It was our official Election Watch Party. The club exploded into celebratory pandemonium at the news. I too was enormously pleased.

This feeling was a little different than the euphoria and emotional feeling that overwhelmed me in 2008. Back then, the notion of a black President, to this child of the civil rights movement, was a dream come true. A black President was the ultimate pillar of “We shall Overcome” and the other torch songs and messages we would hear over my lifetime. I was moved to tears at the news of the Election of Barack Obama.

This time, I was elated, but focused on the issues that Mr. Obama has to face. I know that our nation is at a philosophical crossroads. The country is different. Our nation has to adopt philosophies that match the essence of the people. President Obama understands this. Mitt Romney represented the return to a philosophy that has no place in America these days. The consciousness of America has changed.

I have never been a fan of Mitt’s, however, both of his runs for the office have caused me to question the theology of Mormonism. I have an understanding that the faith has racist theological precepts. But now, they way, are no longer a part of the faith as the received a “revelation” in 1978 that abolished most of their racist policies. But for me I wonder if Mitt at his core still holds dear to those precepts as they are faith based opinions drilled into him from childhood.

Be that as it may, I felt that Mr. Romney was ill-informed on most issues particularly about foreign policy. It is impossible to have a clue about the face of the world today. The nature of being the Commander in Chief in such a time as this has many pitfalls and situations. Even President Obama got a wake up call immediately after his election in 2008. He had distinct and clear ideas on how to handle Iraq and Afghanistan. According to the book “Obama’s Wars by Bob Woodward, President Obama had to have frank and honest talk with the military and intelligence communities in order to adapt and re-focus his vision for those conflicts based on the realities of the situation. Mitt has a lot to learn in this area.

Economically, Mr. Romney blames President Obama for an economy which is severely damaged from Bush policies. In the economic hallways, there is a philosophical war going. on… The Middle Class is the battlefield. Whether Mr. Romney understands the Middle Class is questionable at best.

In the end, we got in those polls. We moved to our conscience. And now Mr. Obama has four more years. This is the best decision for the nation.