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As I move about the ‘hood, I am flabbergasted, repulsed and incensed at how many of my people spit. No, I’m not talking about spittin’ game or spittin’ dope lyrics. Naw. I am talking about honking up a mouthful of mucous and spewing it onto the sidewalk without regard to the community and the people around you. Brothas are just hocking logies all over the hood. Our sidewalks are filled with black stains of spit balls. Sometimes, one might even get a shower because the spitter just spews his logie without regard to whomever is in the vicinity. The other day I was walking on the sidewalk, and this brotha just let one go without looking. His spit ball came within inches of my face. It was a nasty close call and the brotha had absolutely no clue that he had almost clocked me with his spit.

folk are hocking logies all over the 'hood!!

folk are hocking logies all over the ‘hood!!

I wonder what’s the origin of such ill-mannered habits. Is this an epidemic of sinus mucous??  Is it the dreaded tuberculosis disease? What in tarnation is the origin of this spitting epidemic.

What is it’s purpose?

I turned to google in search of an answer.

I was surprised to learn that while I and others in our community are thoroughly offended by this repulsive action, white people have also noticed this disturbing phenomenon. Their interpretation of brotha’s spitting is of a racial nature. They regard a brotha’s need to spit as an indication of racial hatred. Further, I have learned that they have categorized this perceived racial hatred as a racial gender thing. White Women are wondering why brothas spit when they see them coming. They interpret the spitting action as a racial affront. To them, it’s as if brothas are spewing the taste of white women out of their mouth.

White men are enraged when they see the brothas spit. They see it as an expression of racial hatred and a serious challenge or confrontation.

To me, it’s not that deep. This nasty habit has nothing to do with a racial clash. Let’s just call it what it is… A disgusting habit that has nothing to do with race but everything to do with nastiness. My people, My people, My people!!!!!