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And so I originally wrote this from the solitude of a hospital room. Yes. After years and years of basically perfect health, I experienced a severe pulmonary embolism upon my return from South Africa. I did not move about the cabin enough during the 18 hour trans-Atlantic flight and as we returned to the states, blood clots formed in the legs, travelled to and lodged in my lungs rendering me unconscious, short of breath and near death at a point. A life threatening health issue.

I am ok now, anxious to get back to full and complete health. As I sit here in the loneliness of my hospital room, my experience has ignited a firestorm of thoughts, introspection and contemplations. Here are some of my thoughts:

Thank God for Health Insurance – Even as the politicians quibble about ObamaCare, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that serious health issues can occur at anytime to anyone. I am a living witness have never experienced life threatening illness or health trauma, that things can go downhill fast. I shudder to imagine what this treatment and recovery would be like without insurance. I am blessed and I know it.

Pragmatic quality of care – I have to mention that the doctors and hospital staff have been excellent. Sure there have been one or two staffers who are seemingly detached from the personal connection between patient/caregiver – a quality that surely must be a prerequisite for this line of work; however, nearly all have been patient, kind, and most importantly it appears that they were genuinely concerned for my well-being and complete recovery.

Spiritual Care – My hospital is run by the Catholic Church. On my first day, the priest came by and seemed surprised that I had my Bible open and ready to read. He took a couple of steps BACK and muttered something about if I pray for him, he’ll pray for me. And then he hurried out of the room. The next day, he came to the ward, but did not attempt to approach my room. I was a little perplexed. So I hurried up and call my COGIC family. Spiritual Care for this non-Catholic was severely lacking. Glad I had backup!!!

Personal Introspect – I am keenly aware that I am one of God’s elect. This is not an emotional or shallow impulse. This is a declaration of unabashed truth. As I follow God’s calling on my life I see that the devil tried to kill me. But God Blocked it. He preserved me. He protected me. He reminded me that He has so much more for me to do.. He has charted a course of meaningful ministry opportunity… a course of career opportunities that will impact the world and underscore His glory in the earth.

I am thankful to God for preservation!!!! And the road I walk is much more illuminated and life is more precious in my sight….