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The NBA All Star weekend is a storied weekend of music fun and basketball. And the fact that it was held in New Orleans means the party and live music was on a whole nutha level!! I only tuned in to watch the Game and got a chance to see the lengthy pre-game festivities. I was impressed with the pre-game concert as it featured Performances by Nelly, Diddy, Busta Rhymes and more..  It’s funny for me to watch twitter and see the comments about Busta’s weight. He seemingly has packed on some poundage… one tweet said “Busta Rhymes looks like my dad”…. yeah he looked like he was struggling with his heaviness…. But I digress..

One of the anthems of the moment on radio is the song “I’m the Man”…. And until this weekend, a lot of listeners had not seen Aloe Blacc…. in fact it appears that a lot had not even HEARD of Aloe Blacc. That means that this appearance on the NBA All Star Pre-game Concert was a BIG deal for Aloe…. an injection into the mainstream consciousness of music lovers everywhere. A global audience. It was a big deal.

One would think that the artist would be super prepared for the world stage. You would think the band would be tight…. but to the contrary, Aloe Blacc came out and sang I’m the Man” in a key that was completely off from where the band was playing. It was an ear sore.

Now I have been searching for an out for this music nightmare. I read that since Aloe Blacc’s song had become the theme of Beats Headphones that it was the headphones which caused this musical miscue… I heard that his in ear monitors were not working…. But I saw several large front monitors and he stood over one for sometime…. frankly there is no excuse for this debacle.

I’m not sure how this will affect Aloe Blacc over time… One thing is sure that he will need to come with outstanding songs to sustain his career. His ability to sell live performance tickets will surely be affected. It’s a shame because this vocalist certainly had some promise prior to the show….

Aloe Blacc, you are NOT the man!!!