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Just came in from a screening of “San Andreas” starring The Rock. Ever since I saw the trailer, I understood the film to be all about disaster, action, adventure, but in the back of my mind, I was a bit fearful to see on the big screen what could probably, no – likely be a depiction of Los Angeles when the Big One hits. All my life, as a native Californian, we have been told about the impending “Big One”. Cali is supposed to break off and fall into the sea, making Las Vegas America’s newest seaside city. San Andreas is a vivid film adaptation as to what that looks like,

San Andreas has its share of action and The Rock is always good in his action hero status. But seriously, this movie left me feeling some kind of way. For some, this film could be fantasy. An exciting joy ride full of thrills, awesome rescues and unimaginable heroism.. But for some of us, this mess is real. And in the back of our minds, we were like whoa…  A reaction made even more intense due to the fact that we have been having small tremors fairly regularly around here, most centered in the Baldwin Hills area. Personally I think the fracking going on in the Baldwin Hills is causing this rash of tremors but I digress.

Anticipation of the screening brought back vivid memories of the 1994 Northridge Earthquake. I had never been in such a violent and destructive quake.4:30 in the morning, sleeping like a baby and then BAM!! a MAJOR shaker.  I lost my entire crystal collection, mirrors and tables broke.. We could not open the front door to our apartment and had to climb out on the balcony and shimmy down to the street. It was a major situation. The buildings in my block had collapsed, shattered windows, major damage. It was plenty scary.

San Andreas brought to the big screen a very real viewpoint of how vulnerable the area is to a catastrophic event. We would be brought to our knees if an earthquake of 9-plus hit Southern California. We need to keep an earthquake survival kit handy. We need to have a plan of action in the event of such a disaster. Me and mine have instructions to meet at the Cathedral. We will survive from there. In the words of the scientists in the movie, it’s not a question of if, but when disaster will strike.

Biblically speaking, we are told to watch for such a time as this. Earthquakes in diverse places, the Word says and I am seeing quakes in locales where we did not have them before. Besides, the way mankind has damaged the world and the climate, I’m thinking it’s almost payback time for the forces of nature. Yes, the ultra-magnitude earthquake is inevitable.

In the end, you must have a plan of survival. Prepare yourselves. We could be in for society changing events. And soon..Yeah.. San Andreas.. left me feeling some kind of way…


And so the film Hunger Games has taken the box office by storm. As of this writing, the film could easily surpass the 300-million dollar mark by weekends end. The film adaptation of a popular book trilogy launched into our consciousness amid a massive public relations and promotional campaign. I had never heard of the film or book prior to feeling some of the marketing buzz. Nor was I particularly interested in seeing it in the theaters during my sojourn to the Saturday Matinee. I had planned to see Safe House, Denzels new film. It had been out a while and I had not seen it yet. And so without checking to see when it was playing, I went to the theater only to find out it did not come on again until five or six hours later. So on a whim, I purchased tickets to see Hunger Games. I was pleasantly surprised at the film. I was also surprised at the stories that came out the following week. I learned that some of the books fans were not pleased when they learned that certain characters in the film were black. Their tweets and posts revealed surprising racist and prejudiced attitudes among teens and tweens. They fully expected this fascinating film, set in a futuristic post-apocalyptic America, to be devoid of black folk. In their literary, imaginative mind stage, this film was to be presented in an exclusively whites only setting. Its funny because as I watched the film, I was left wondering, during the first “reaping” scene where Katniss steps forward to volunteer for the Hunger Game in place of her sister, if black folk were extinct in a post apocalyptic society. As the District is gathered together for the Reaping, a wide pan of all the faces of District 12 is shown. I did not recognize any black faces in the first sweep and saw only one during a subsequent sweep. I wondered out loud “what? no black folk in the future?” As the film progressed and we were introduced to Cinna and others in the film along with sweeping panoramas of the Capitol I did recognize that we did in fact survive the apocalypse and thrived on various levels in the film… as we should. That said, I contemplate today on our inner consciousness….. On one hand hatred is so ingrained in folk that we would be offended if a movie character violates our expectation based on what we’ve read in the book. Not that the character did not do exactly as he or she did in the book. No, folk are offended because of the color of his skin. On the other hand, our consciousness recognizes or is sensitive to the notion, that we could be forgotten in expressions of humanity as presented in a literary or cinematic piece. In the end, we miss the message in the film – at least to me and that is we can ALL live together. We can all help one another. That we should all consider each others skin color no more than we would consider the color of ones eyes… Character, not color is the thread of our existence and will be the common denominator of our survival.